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Commercial properties are not immune to damages caused by water, fire, molds, and natural disasters. Quick response to these damages are crucial in order to minimize losses from a disruption in your business operations. When these disasters strike your commercial properties, CD Restorations are just a call away and will readily respond to your need. We will waste no time so that your properties and business are back to perfect operating condition the soonest possible time. CD Restorations is your trustworthy partner to restoring your business and properties.

Appearances make a big difference to your business. We care about your commercial properties and can provide the necessary restoration services needed to get your building looking like new again. We perform this is a timely fashion, knowing that a lost day in business means a lot to your revenues.

commercial services florida

We offer our restoration services to the following commercial properties:

• Office buildings (small or high-rise buildings)
• Apartment/high-rise residential buildings
• Restaurants
• Hotels/Motels
• Retail Stores
• Industrial and manufacturing companies

Our services include restoration from water, fire, mold, and storm damages as well as disaster restoration and intervention services. We also provide deep cleaning of flooring, carpets, and other facilities in order to get your business space looking clean and professional.



Water Damage Restoration Florida | Water Damage Restoration West Palm Beach

Water damage on your property can be caused by any of the following:

• Leak in plumbing system
• Leaking roof
• Burst pipes
• Cracks in the foundation/walls
• Clogged toilet
• Moisture on walls
• Flooding
• Natural disasters like tornadoes and storms
• Firefighting activities

Whatever the cause of water damage, if not addressed immediately, water damage can cause electrical hazards, damage to the home and furniture, and later on develop into molds and mildew which could pose health hazards.

Our team at CD Restorations are equipped with the latest technology and skills needed to address your water damage problems. From inspection, assessment to water removal, drying, and sanitation, our team will work on your property with professional and compassionate services to see to it that your home is restored to safety and dried properly. We offer immediate action and response to your water damage problems.


Fire Damage | CDRestorations


Fire causes some of the most damaging losses to properties. It not only affects structures and furniture, it also leaves behind property owners in shock and powerless over the situation.

Some of the most common causes of fire damage are:

• Stoves or ovens left cooking for too long.
• Electrical fire from short circuits or overloading
• Natural fire such as forest fires, etc.
• Chemical fires

Whatever causes fire damage in your home or property, immediate intervention is needed to halt the chemical processes that take place after burning so that the damage is contained and as much possessions as possible are salvaged from damage caused by fire and smoke.



We all live in a society comprised of people having differences in their living standards,ethics, religion etc but we all share one thing for sure that is expressions of feelings. Purchasing property is the best way to showcase our feelings and memories.
Remember the experience of sitting on a chair in the balcony and enjoying the nature, it is unbeatable. The nature just like our mother take care if us with her love and care but sometimes she shows her disastrous side which causes heavy loses.Besides nature many other reasons like conflicts , riots do the same , they shatter every bit of our memories.

During this outbreak of events the CD RESTORATION GROUP OF SOUTH FLORIDA is actively working to restore your properties. Their residential and commercial restoration services are completely designed considering your needs and requirements.
CD RESTORATION GROUP is equipped with advanced technology which provides them  the strength to deal with issues like fire  and smoke damages , water damages , storm damages,Hurricane water cleanups, flooded house cleaning,flood damage repair , commercial water damages and so on.
After these events the property needs immediate attention , cleaning and actions. The CD RESTORATION GROUP has highly trained technicians which are 24*7  ready to help and resolve all the damages without bothering you a lot.  The plan of action used by them cure your properties from resultant future damages like electric shock, moisture invasion to your properties, molds and fungal infection . They fight against destruction caused by molds and fungi and eradicate them from their roots and ensure the check on their reoccurrence to your property.
They also have the expertise to deal with the big issue of sewage blockages which if remain unattended may lead to major destruction to house.
In short they have the best approach in helping communities , families, social network and local market emerge from crises become more capable to cope up and adapt to future threats.